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Confirm Y Chromosome Microdeletions

Microdeletions in the Y-Chromosome, “MYC” (“Mike”, for short), a congenital condition has been shown to cause Azoospermia and severe Oligozoospermia. Estimates report that one in five men with idiopathic Azoospermia, severe Oligozoospermia and or Teratozoospermia have one or more such microdeletions.

Since any one of a number of factors can result in Azoospermia or severe Oligozoospermia, a “MYC” Test can pinpoint any congenital causes.

Men who are azoospermic, cryptozoospermic or oligozoospermic, or whose partner experiences recurrent pregnancy loss should be tested for microdeletions in the Y chromosomes. Microdeletions in 19 potential sites in the AZFa, AZFb and AZFc regions of the Y chromosome may be responsible for their condition

  • To determine the etiology   
  • To warn prospective ICSI patients that their condition, if proven to be caused by microdeletions, is transmissible

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